Ask Albany Webinar

The Albany Chamber of Commerce invited city staff and Council Members to update us on the city's response to the pandemic and answer questions.

Recorded July 15, 2020

Webinar features:

Shaun Charles, President, Albany Chamber of Commerce
Jeff Bond, Director of the City of Albany Community Development Department
Anne Hersch, Albany Community Development Department Program Manager
Claire Griffing, Albany Sustainability & Resilience Manager / Public Information Officer, Economic Development Committee Staff Liason
Nick Pilch, Mayor, City of Albany
Peggy McQuaid, Vice Mayor, City of Albany

Contact the Community Development Department: (510) 528-5760,

Key Time Indexes:

  • Introduction: 00:00:00
  • Status Report: 00:06:45
  • How to stay up to date?: 00:15:15
  • When can pubs or bars offer outside service, is food service required?: 0016:18
  • Is a relationship with a restaurant adequate?: 00:18:15
  • Need ownership stake in food business: 00:20:15
  • ABC requirements for outdoor dining: 00:23:45
  • How can we get information from the city?: 00:20:15
  • How are businesses notified of changes: 00:26:20
  • Concern about business owners recieving notices of violation, now the city is handling outdoor dining situation: 00:27:40
  • Is there an email list for Albany businesses?: 00:39:15
  • What is the status of the eviction protection ordenance for commercial properties?: 00:43:07
  • Is the city planning new programs to help the businesses during the pandemic?: 00:47:20
  • Are there specific plans regarding the Fall election?: 00:48:53
  • What are the current plans for the school year?: 00:50:35
  • Does the city have any financial help for commercial property owners or businesses?: 00:51:45
  • Albany is a small city: 01:00:00
  • Is there help for business tenants regarding their landlords, particularly when they have to close?: 01:05:00
  • Have we heard about any landlords working with business tenants?: 01:05:45
  • What were the results of the business survey from the SPring?: 01:07:55
  • What are things we can do next to help businesses?: 01:12:35
  • Does Albany have any data on how business owned by people of color, particularly Black and Latinx are being effected?: 01:22:50
  • Reminder that the Chamber and SAA are always looking for Board members: 01:24:10
  • Wrap Up: 01:24:50

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