Webinar Video: Business in the New Normal

The City of Albany California and Albany Chamber of Commerce invites Suzanne Frew of The Frew Group to lead a discussion with local business owners of how they can survive the current crisis and continue to succeed in the New Normal.

Recorded Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Key Topics:

  • Welcome & Introductions: 00:00:00
  • Introducing the Forum: 00:02:07
  • Finding Resources: 00:06:01
  • Ideas for Hitting Reset Button for Your Business: 00:18:34
    • Consider how Organization Structure may need to change: 00:19:21
    • Plan for Staffing Challenges: 00:20:07
    • Identify Alternative Suppliers: 00:21:04
    • What will your Business Look Like When you Reopen?: 00:21:59
    • How will you, your employees, and your customers stay safe?: 00:22:52
    • Evaluate what is working and what isn't working in how you do business: 00:23:20
    • Reset Button Summary: 00:24:41
  • Introduction to Discussion: 00:25:20
  • Question 1: How can I re-establish cash flow?: 00:29:09
  • Question 2: How can I re-establish or recraft my customer base?: 00:35:48
  • Question 3: How can / do I comply with protection regulations for employees, operations, and customers (e.g. space use)?: 00:43:01
  • Question 4: What might innovating my business service offering look like (new approaches, solutions)?: 00:57:35
  • How can our city and organizations be of assistance?: 01:07:50

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